• Info for startups

    When a business starts up, the principals’ focus is primarily on selling the product or service. Insuring the business is probably the farthest thing from their minds - yet it can be a critical factor in determining the success or failure of the enterprise.

  • Intellectual Property

    Insurance that provides protection for your company against infringers of your patents and against suits alleging your infringement against another’s patent.

  • Directors and Officers

    Insurance that protects the personal assets of Directors and Officers from claims arising out of wrongful acts related to their organizational activities.

  • Non-Profit

    When you give your time to a Non Profit you want to make sure you are not risking your personal or organization’s financial security. The reality of today’s litigious environment even Non Profit Organizations are at risk of being sued for alleged wrongdoings. The affairs of the organization may be less familiar to the individual and may be conducted under less efficient conditions than in business corporations.

  • MIT Forum Members

    MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge offers its members a discounted Insurance program provided by the Chubb Insurance Company. It provides Emerging Technology companies and companies involved in providing services to the Emerging Technology industry a broad range of expanded coverages.

  • Other Coverages

    Insurance for your new or growing company is critical during the initial Stages of operation, various types of insurance may be required by law, landlords, banks, leasing companies and your Board of Directors.

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